City of Dwarfs, Poland

So, as you can probably tell by the complete lack of recent posts, I’m still finding it extremely challenging to be creative.  But, last weekend I ventured outside of Warsaw for the weekend, and was so inspired.  Continue reading “City of Dwarfs, Poland”


Train Hostel, Netherlands

Recently, at school, we got to the place in the calendar that everyone had been looking forward to for months.  Winter Break.  Not to be confused with the Christmas holiday break, winter break is thrown in the middle of February because, you know what?  There’s a long time between Christmas and Easter.  And a two week holiday is just what every teacher (and student) needs. Continue reading “Train Hostel, Netherlands”

Supposedly abandoned Prison, Estonia

Over the summer, in Estonia, I met up with a friend and some couchsurfers for a bit of adventuring.  We decided to go to a place called Rummu, just outside of Tallinn.  Luckily, my friend has an offroad capable car, so this journey was no problem for us. Continue reading “Supposedly abandoned Prison, Estonia”

Best Meal, Estonia

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know how I feel about food.  Food is one of my very favorite things.  You may have also picked up on my love for Estonia.  So I wanted to write a quick blurb about a great meal that I had at a great restaurant in Tallinn.  That it was my going away meal, is poignant.  Continue reading “Best Meal, Estonia”

Inis Mor, Ireland

I started writing about Inis Mor after my first trip there.  Unfortunately, I never finished the blog, so I think it’s fitting to finish it, now that I have so much new information to add. First, a bit from a few years ago: Continue reading “Inis Mor, Ireland”

Schonnbrunn Palace, Austria

Now, I debated on whether or not to write about this palace… you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside.  So is it worth it to write about it?  Or just skip this and move onto the next thing?  But ultimately, I really enjoyed it- and wanted to share it. Continue reading “Schonnbrunn Palace, Austria”

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Since the moment I saw a picture of Plitvice for the first time, it had sat on the top of my place to go wishlist. I had a brief pinterest account which had exactly one board ‘travel wishlist’ with exactly one pinned photo ‘Plitvice National Park.’ My first trip to Croatia I was seriously running low on funds while there and couldn’t make it out to Plitvice. So, when my cousins and I were putting together an itinerary for our trip, my first and pretty much only ‘must visit’ was to go see some lakes and waterfalls. Continue reading “Plitvice National Park, Croatia”

Birthday Flower Bouquet

So, over the course of this trip, and to the delight or dismay of many friends and family (hard to tell really) I have discovered a long secret love for taking pictures of flowers.  And just of flowers in general, but mostly taking their pictures. So to celebrate my birthday, I thought I would put together a collection of my favorite flower pictures from the past year and a half. 


I think was the first flower picture I took on the trip, and still one of my favorites for sure.  Just slightly imperfect.  But still beautiful.  Taken at Dublin Castle, in Ireland.


Out of focus shot of flowers at Kilkenny Castle in Ireland.  A part of me wishes that it had been in focus (the wind was blowing so everything was moving too much) but I actually really like how it looks anyway.


A rose, for sale in the early morning at a market stall in Manchester, England.  I just thought it was so so pretty, and would have loved to take a few more shots, but the guy selling the flower gave me a distinct ‘buy it or leave it’ look.  So I left it.


One of about a million beautiful tulips at Kukenhof Gardens.  So many of the flowers were overly colorful, withe tons of petals, maybe some sort of fringe around… I loved the simplicity of this one.  Not something that would immediately draw the eye, but beautiful none the less. 


A close up shot of a really large purple flower in Copenhagen, Denmark.  These flowers were really big.  The size of an out stretched hand or at least as big as my face. (roughly the same size)


One beautiful rose in a bunch of roses, from Sweden. 


When I started taking lots of pictures of flowers, I thought I wanted to try and photograph emotions through flowers.  When I saw this flower, I thought it looked so desperate.  I could almost feel how much it wanted someone to sit at the table with it. 


Yellow cala lilies from the flower mrket in Tallinn.  I loved the color and shape of them.  It almost felt violent time me in a way. 


One pansy from Ireland.  Just sticking up, trying to get as much sun as possible. 


Hydrangea flower from Hungary.  There have been so many hydrangeas around this area, probably because there is so much sun all the time. 


Tulips for sale in a market stall in Amsterdam.  So much potential, with raindrops clinging.


Purple flowers in Lahemaa National Park, Estonia.  Photographed blue.  Not sure why, but I swear to you, they were purple.


Everything about these roses from Slovakia looked so antique.  Just a little yellowed around the edges, they seemed very fragile and delicate. 

Alright, so there you go.  Happy Birthday me!  I love flowers!  On to more regularly scheduled blogging in a few days.  😉