Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Since the moment I saw a picture of Plitvice for the first time, it had sat on the top of my place to go wishlist. I had a brief pinterest account which had exactly one board ‘travel wishlist’ with exactly one pinned photo ‘Plitvice National Park.’ My first trip to Croatia I was seriously running low on funds while there and couldn’t make it out to Plitvice. So, when my cousins and I were putting together an itinerary for our trip, my first and pretty much only ‘must visit’ was to go see some lakes and waterfalls.



And oh my goodness it was worth it.


Absolutely stunning.


From the moment you walk in-


To the moment you walk out.


We didn’t have the greatest weather. It was pretty overcast, and had been raining for the last few days. On the upside, it was pretty cool, no sunburns, and the water made all the waterfalls just that much bigger.

The downside was that the extra water also flooded a bit of the course. But there was still so much to gasp at.

When faced with a place that is chock full of natural beauty, I have zero chill. I just walk around for hours alternating between ‘Guys! It’s so beautiful. Look how gorgeous it is!’ and ‘How is the water so blue!?’


As amazing as the waterfalls were, there actually wasn’t much to see in terms of flora and fauna.  That is, until I met this awesome duck.


He looks fake, but I promise… very real duck.  Also, very photogenic duck.  He was way in the back of this pool, hanging out by the waterfall… but when I took out my camera, he swam right up front and posed like this as I took some pictures.  Then, when I was done- he turned around and swam back.  He’s either really into pictures, or just really well trained.


The walkway was a little treacherous. It was always completely safe, but it never felt completely safe.  Also the boards being all uneven, with no railings to hold you in, made me constantly worried I was going to trip and fall in.


I mean, wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s ever happened to me… (that would be the seagull) But, you’re definitely not supposed to be in the water.


I mean really, nature… give it a break!


We know you’re pretty!


Stop trying so hard!


What are you even doing?


Love it.









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