Kinder Joy, Korea

I have a bone to pick with America.  Well, the things that I want to discuss with America add up to a pretty big list, and though this isn’t at the top… It’s important to me.


I knew not to eat toys.  I never ate a toy that came in a cereal box.  And even if I may have been confused about whether or not to eat a specific toy, my parents were always there with the unequivocal “No.  Don’t eat that toy.”  I could have navigated the dangers of the Kinder egg, much like children ALL OVER THE WORLD have been able to do.

In case you are unfamiliar with the kinder egg, allow me to explain.  It is a delicious chocolate egg, with a capsule inside.  This capsule is roughly the size of my thumb.  If you imagine the “horse pills” you sometimes get prescribed by the doctor, several of them would fit inside this capsule.  Inside the capsule there is a small toy.  Usually this toy is in pieces, and you have to assemble it in some way.  They are questionably fun toys, but there is a lot of joy in getting one and assembling it.  For me, it’s especially fun if there are a lot of decorative stickers that you have to put on JUST right.

Kinder surprise eggs are outrageously popular in Europe, but are banned in the US.  They are delicious and fun.

Though Kinder chocolate is popular in Korea, I have not seen Kinder Surprise eggs in Korea.  Around Easter, I was checking in the local markets, and even the foreign food import stores, but to no avail.  I’m not sure if they are banned here, or if maybe they are just not popular.  And then this:



Doth my eyes deceive me?  The boxes look like they have Kinder Surprises… There are egg shaped mascots!  I quickly bought a box.

Inside I found 3 Kinder Joy eggs that looked like this:

wpid-20150502_140600.jpgIt was soon apparent that though it looked like a Kinder Surprise, it was different.  The Kinder Joy is not a chocolate egg.  Opening it splits it into two pieces:



It’s a world of fun!  On one side you get a toy, and on the other side you get delicious Kinder chocolate, with crunchy cookie pieces.  And a small spoon to eat the chocolate that is more like a ganache in consistency.





First I ate the chocolate.  Yummmm.  Then it was time to assemble the toy!

wpid-20150502_141014.jpgThe little doll comes with three tops and six skirts.  She even has a little suitcase to store the unused “clothing”  The second egg contained a ring with a big yellow flower that spins when you blow on it.  JUST WHAT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED.


So, it isn’t an actual Kinder surprise, but it does have Kinder chocolate and a toy.  And the toy isn’t inside the chocolate.  I feel like America should be jumping on this bandwagon.  Please let me know if they are available there as well.




Candy Kitchen, USA

Megabus has come to America.  I first took Megabus while I was in the UK.  What a cheap and easy way to get around.  The crowning achievement of my European travel was the 4pound but ticket from London to Amsterdam.  But now, Megabus has given me cheap travel options to get around the US while I am here visiting friends and family.  Truthfully, Megabus has been around for awhile.  But it has greatly expanded since last time I was in the states.  And now I have a way to get from Chicago, IL to Orlando, FL for less than $40.  And I got to stop in Nashville.

I try to go to at least one new city each time I am back in the states.  Last trip back I went to Seattle for the first time.  This time, I went to Nashville.  Nashville is a place that I had always been interested in, even though I don’t have a deep love of country music.  Or, really, any love of country music.  I’ve always thought it seemed like a cool place to be.  I like music, and thought I would like the city, even if it wasn’t my style.  So.  I went anyway, excited to experience something new at the very least.  And of all the things I saw, I have to say, I fell in love with Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.  It is a fat kid’s dream.

DSC07760The sign outside pulls you in.  What are these delicious things?  And does ‘try’ mean free samples…  because it sounds like there could be some free samples.  In I went.


As soon as you walk in, you’re overwhelmed with the array of candy that is available.  You see the workshop/kitchen area, where they’re actually making it all, and then case after case of more sugar than can be safely consumed by a busload of teenagers.  White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, various kinds of bark…


And chocolate and caramel apples that were something to write home about.  They were massive, and covered in layer after layer of chocolate and caramel.  There were some with nuts as well.  And even some plain candy apples, (though the candy coating was about an inch thick on the apple.


There were turtle-y things, and pralines, and caramel nut clusters, and a peanut butter cup bigger than I had ever seen before in my life.  They had an ice cream counter, and retro candies.  There was a wall of scoop-your-own-mix candies.  It was a candy explosion, but the reason it became such a highlight for me was the quality.  They made things there, they were fresh and delicious, and the people that worked there were nice to boot.


I ended up deciding to try a praline.  Mostly because I realized that I had never had a praline outside of pecan praline ice cream.  I don’t think I had ever even seen just a plain praline before.  I definitely had no idea what it was made out of.  Sugar and some type of nut?  That was my guess.  And that sounded delicious.  So, I bought one to try.


It didn’t look like the most appetizing of all the things in there.  But my goodness it was yummy.  And really sweet.  It seriously took me two days to eat it.  So if you’re traveling in Georgia, or Nashville TN, and you see a Savannah’s candy kitchen… stop in and have a look.  (p.s.  yes!  there are free samples!)