1000 Windows, Albania

Berat is a city in central Albania.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage sight, and known for its Ottoman architecture.  It’s also a city built on the hillsides on either side of a river.  The hillside location, and the Ottoman architecture give it the nickname ‘Town of a Thousand Windows.’  The houses looks as though they are stacked on top of each other, as the hills (mountains) are quite steep. 


The old town was really fun to walk through.  It was full of impossibly narrow cobblestone ‘streets’ that no car would ever be able to drive on.


The streets, buildings, fences, railings and pretty much everything else possible seemed to be covered in grapes. 


It just seemed like a magical place to walk through.  I really enjoyed it.


After walking through the old town for awhile, I decided to walk up to the castle.  Because, you know me and castles. But then it decided to rain.  So I changed my mind.  So, imagine some castle ruins…
I did love the old bridge in the city.  Great views of the town.


Berat is especially gorgeous at night, when the windows light up. 


All in all, a really fun few days, and definitely one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen in Albania. 


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