Work Ethic, France

Now, this is pretty solely about small town south of France.  And though I am speaking of specific experiences in general terms, I by no means, mean to imply that this is true for everyone.  Though I wouldn’t be surprised….

I spent three days in Limoges, France; trying to buy a birthday gift for my mom.  I had originally only wanted to spend one day there, but it turned into two, which then turned into three. Why?  you ask.  Was it because Limoges was so beautiful/interesting that I simply couldn’t take it all in in one day?  No.  I simply couldn’t take any of it in in one day, because that day was Sunday, and everything was closed.

Ok, but everything opens back up on Monday, right?  Right.  Except.  Monday, it rained.  Now after having survived monsoon season in Korea, and weeks on end of rain in the UK, I wasn’t about to let a little rain keep me from my objective.  My outlook was apparently not the same as most of the shop keepers in Limoges however.  When the rains came, most of them went home.  Just closed up, no note.

So we waited until day three, desperately looking at the weather forcast, hping I would not be delayed another day.  And I wasn’t.  Finally, I got into stores!  And then I ran into a new problem.  All stores close from about noon to 2pm.  Which in my book means 12-2.    In the shop keeps of Limoges books however, that means about 11:30-3.  And sometimes, for fun, a long nap is taken, and the shop doesn’t reopen that day.  And little Julie is left, standing on the sidewalk, looking at the posted opening hours in confusion, as her eyes dart to the sky to ensure it isn’t raining, and then to Tabitha to check what time it is.

Needless to say, I was not too happy, and when I finally (finally!) found what I was looking for, the hand painted box looked like it had been hand painted by a kindergartener.  And it was over priced.


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