Sacre Coeur, France

Sacre Coeur is stll one of my very favorite places on Earth.  It is, I dare say, absolutely beautiful.  Every time I am in Paris, I set aside an afternoon to go to Sacre Coeur, and chill on the steps or in the grass, watching street performers and buskers.  It’s a place that I don’t even mind being surrounded by tourists.  It is kind of part of the experience.

What I don’t understand are the street vendors.  Now, I know… mini Eiffel Tower keychains are a hot ticket item.  Four for a euro, is quite the deal.  But when the guy on your left is selling mini Eiffel Tower keychains, and the guy on your right is selling mini Eiffel Tower keychains, and the guy next to both of them… isn’t it time to start thinking about selling something else?  Not to mention, this is Sacre Coeur, in the middle of Montmatre… what about a mini Sacre Coeur keychain, or a mini Moulin Rouge.  Anything other than the exact same thing everyone else is selling.

That being said, I had a wonderful afternoon, munching on a delicious crepe from my favorite crepe stand in Paris, (and therefore the world) watching dancers, singers, artists, and one guy who climbed a light post, and then did a whole bunch of tricks with a soccer ball.  Fabulous.


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