Photo filters- trust nothing.

Most of the photos I’ve posted on this blog have been unretouched, unedited, taken with my phone and then thrown online.  This is true for a few reasons.  1) I’m a bit lazy when it comes to photo editing. 2) I don’t really have any photo editing software (though I have used Snapseed on occasion) 3)There’s something magical about taking a great photo, with naturally great lighting, and I feel like editing photos just cheapens it.

Now, that is not to say that I don’t love instagram.  Because, I do. Instagram has become one of my very favorite things. And who cares that it takes longer to pick a filter than it does to take the actual picture!?  Filters are fun!

And then- Camera360 entered my life.  I’ve had the app on my phone for quite awhile.  I use it mostly because there was no way to silence the shutter sound when taking photos with the standard camera… and I like to take some sneaky snaps.  For awhile, that was all I used it for.

And then I started using some of the filters to make photos pop. (Seriously, there is a 7 pack of filters designed just to make your food photos look more enticing.) And now I TRUST NOTHING.

I’ve told some friends about it, and they’ve used it to rack up insane amounts of likes on facebook.  But it was all a LIE.

I mean seriously.  I was recently in Florida… we went out to a pier in Apollo Beach:


Really liked this picture… but, with Camera360- you can pretend that you went in the middle of the night, with no light pollution- and absolutely clear skies!


Or, say you went on the Ferris wheel at the strawberry festival in nearby Plant City…


But you really wanted to go and watch the sunset… just ‘360’ it!


Even a pretty sunset in Lima…


Can become more dynamic with a filter…


And to make this more clear- these are just click a button filters, not any type of editing or requiring of any skill.

But what a difference it can make!



What a different vacation that second one would have been!  Aliens! In Lima!


Giant spiders in the main square in Iquique, Chile!

And you can even take a perfectly fine flower picture:


And turn it into a wondrous mystical creation!


Low and behold, I’m having a lot of fun with it.  And this doesn’t even touch on all the things you can do to selfies… including having a guy kiss your face while he feeds you fried chicken.  I’m not going to explain that one, you’ll need to go look at it yourself.

Camera360 is located in the app stores.

P.S.  They aren’t paying me to say all this.  Would be nice though.  I talk up their camera All. The. Time.

P.P.S Follow me on Instagram.  🙂

Next up- a post about a penguin.  Thrilling.


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