KFC Buffet, USA

I’m back on American soil, and enjoying the familiarity of being home.  One new thing though- discovering that KFC has all you can eat buffets at some of its locations.  This is mind boggling to me. Firstly because all you can eat fried chicken should NEVER be allowed into my life.  That is unnecessary to say the least. My addiction to fried chicken does not need to advance to the all you can eat levels.  But, alas- it has.  And it’s lovely.  Possibly the best thing you can spend $8 on… but I’d be open to hearing other people’s thoughts on that one.


Secondly… this mythical buffet has been within driving distance of my dad’s house for 13 years! And I never knew about it.  And I’m the kind of person that knows about all you can eat buffets in the area.


To make up for lost time, we made sure to hit up the all you can eat KFC while I was in town.  So worth it.  Piles of chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, multiple kinds of vegetables (mostly swimming in butter) and even some peach cobbler for dessert.



OK, so that’s all for the slight fried chicken freak out.  The all you can eat buffets are located at various locations… well worth going, if you happen to be around one! 🙂




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