Alexis Sanchez, Chile

When people ask me why I decided to come to Chile there are two main reasons: (other than the fact that it’s shaped like linguini and I love pasta.)
1. The rescue of the Chilean miners in 2010 is, in my opinion, one of the greatest events to happen in my lifetime. Perhaps the greatest.
2. My love of the Arsenal football team, and in particular the spectacular play of Alexis Sanchez.
It is because of this love for Alexis that I ended up in his hometown, Tocopilla. Continue reading “Alexis Sanchez, Chile”

Monestario, Peru

So, here I am in Arequipa, Peru.  Due to some unforseen travel fails… I’ve been here for longer than expected.  However.  Thank goodness I got stuck here.  It’s a beautiful city, full of things to do and places to see. If I hadn’t lost my debit card, I think I would have passed through too quickly, and missed some really great things.   First up on the blog… the monasteries. Continue reading “Monestario, Peru”