Beesket, Korea

Just a quick blurb about one of my new(ish) favorite things in Korea.  I have never been much of a juice bar girl.  And though I do love a good smoothie, my aversion to bananas usually severely limits my fruity drink choices.  Enter Beesket.  A new juice bar that opened in the mall near my city.  I love it.

At Beesket, you start out with a little honeycomb type thing.


You can choose three flavors for your drink from the huge selection of choices.  Just pick your three flavor pieces and stick them in your honeycomb and give it to the barista. (Are they still barista’s if it’s a juice bar?)  Pictured above are strawberry, raspberry, grape and apple, lemon, blueberry.  There were many fruits and vegetables available, from apple and orange to kale or carrot.


Watching them make your juice, you can see them grabbing fruit, cutting it up, and throwing it in a blender.  It was wonderfully fresh and natural.


When you finally receive your juice, it comes with a little tag, telling you not only the calorie and vitamin content of your specific drink, but also giving you a space to rate it, so the next time you come you can remember how much you loved that one, or maybe try a different flavor.  I had double-pear raspberry and it was delicious.


My friend had a blueberry, kale, mango juice.  She said it was good.  I said it was green, and therefore I was skeptical.  They sure did shove a lot of kale in that blender.  So I suppose, at least, it was healthy.

Update!  So, I’ve just been back to Beesket, and they have changed their fruit selections, I assume seasonally-





With all these new delicious options I changed it up and had a peach cherry pineapple drink.  It was delicious, but I thought it would be pink-er.




As I started drinking it, though, I fell in love.  And the fact that it wasn’t artificially colored made me feel super healthy.


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