Dessert Plane, Korea

While on my trip to Jeju and U-do I met some lovely people that live in Daegu, a town about 3 hours from where I live.  They were very nice, and I was keen to go and visit.  And then, I saw a post she made about eating in a cafe in a plane.  That sealed the deal, and I was on my way to Daegu.  Turns out Daegu is a really interesting place, with lots to see.  My favorite place that we went to was Suseong Lake.

I was only going to go for a day trip, so I got an early start.  We explored a bit of Daegu, had lunch, and went to a cat cafe, and then it was time for dessert.  We headed to Suseong Lake.  On the monorail!

wpid-20150704_093534.jpgThis was not my first time on a monorail, but it is still eye opening how much better this system is than the standard train.  Quiet, smooth, easy.  Now, like most big Korean cities, Daegu has a subway system that you can use to get around most of the city.  The monorail links up to the subway (by, at one point, the longest escalator in Korea*) Easily what I thought was the most interesting thing about the monorail were the windows.  They were regular windows most of the time, but when passing an apartment building, the windows went opaque, to preserve the privacy of the residents.  At first, I didn’t know what was happening.  The windows just turned white, I thought it must be fog or something… and then they snapped back to transparent.  I was floored.  Living in Chicago, I rode the red line frequently.  It’s silly how close it goes to people’s windows.  I thought this was such an interesting thing that they thought of.

Ok, enough about the monorail. (But I really liked it.)

We got to the lake and the first thing you notice are the duck boats.


We wanted to ride one, and planned on it, but ended up running out of time.  More pressing (for me) was the plane.  We rounded the lake and then BAM! airplane.

DSC_0301The Snow Factory, waffle and bingsu cafe. The interior is everything you would expect from a cafe in a plane.


The one thing I thought was really strange: the lack of people.  I feel like this should be a tourist draw just for the kitschy “plane cafe” (that was, after all, why I was there.)  But there were hardly any people there.  And this was about 4pm on a Saturday afternoon.  Even at my normal cafe, on Saturday afternoon I often have to wait for a table.  Not so with this spot, we had our pick of tables.


You could choose to sit in the cabin area, or a seating area that was built off to the side. It was decorated with palm trees, because naturally.  We decided to sit inside the plane.  Because, plane.


And we ordered a waffle.  Now, the waffle was both surprisingly good, and a disappointment at the same time.  Which, I think, is actually quite difficult. The waffle itself was perfect.  Not dried out as I have had so many times in Korea, and the ice cream was delicious.  But the lack of berries on the vanilla berry waffle was a little sad.  Also, for the price I think they could have splurged on more than 5 blueberries.


Had maple syrup though, so it’s all good.  🙂  They also had blood orange sanpelegrino.  So, win win. And to be fair, they had a pretty good selection of waffles, including savory waffles that sounded really interesting.  Perhaps I just picked a not so great one.

And then it was out to go explore some more.  And what do we see out the window?  Why, it looks like a children’s play area.  It is!  In fact, it’s SUSEONG LAND!  I’ll cover our time there in the next blog.


*This may or may not be true, but I read it online…


4 responses to “Dessert Plane, Korea

  1. We have been in Seoul for a couple of years and have never heard of the plane cafe in Daegu. Looks interesting, is it worth the trip down do you think? ^^

    • I thought Daegu in general was worth the trip. Really easy to get down there, and there are several fun things to see!

      • Ok, good to know! We may have to head down there some weekend to check it out. Do you have any other recommendations on what to see in the area?? 🙂

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