Anapji Pond, Korea

My favorite place in Gyeongju was Anapji.  It is a temple complex located on a pond.  At night, it is lit up and magnificent.  During the day, it is a nice walk, and pretty… but it should definitely be experienced at night.  We got there just before nightfall, so we had some time to walk around before the sun went down and the lights came up. It was really nice to just walk around the temple center.  It, surprisingly, wasn’t built on the side of a mountain, so the less hiking inclined (me) could enjoy it even more. wpid-20140815_184623.jpg

But it really was after the lights turned on that Anapji gets pretty spectacular.

wpid-20140815_191318_richtonehdr.jpg wpid-20140815_191548.jpg wpid-20140815_192016.jpg wpid-20140815_191805.jpg


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