Giant Post Box, Korea

While down in Ulsan, we decided to visit the Giant Post Box, because: why not?  Why is it called the giant post box?

wpid-20140817_110607.jpgBecause that is one giant post box, if I’ve ever seen one.  (I hadn’t until this day.)

The upside of going to see the giant post box, (other than the box itself,) was that it was located on the coast, and it was a gorgeous day.

wpid-20140817_111810.jpgAlong with the giant post box, there were many statues around this part of the coast.

wpid-20140817_111131.jpgTypical of shipping, fishing, whaling communities is the statue of the family waiting for their sailors to return home.

wpid-20140817_111019.jpgThis guy was not so typical, and seemed pretty angry, shaking his fist at the sea.

The biggest surprise of the whole day, was that when you went around the back of the giant post box… you could see inside of it.  And what’s inside of it? wpid-20140817_110905.jpg

An actual post box!  Twist.


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