Lucky Lake, the Netherlands

I have had some seriously amazing couchsurfing experiences on this trip.  I have really enjoyed meeting people through couchsurfing.  However, there was one hostel that made me never want to leave.  One hostel that was so awesome on its own, that I barely did.  And that, my friends, was lucky lake.
Lucky Lake hostel, just outside of Amsterdam.  If you are travelling in or near Amsterdam, I suggest you stay here.  Super fun place.
My favorite thing about Lucky Lake was the extremely laid back atmosphere.  It was so chill, it was nearly ice.  Previous to staying at Lucky Lake, I stayed in a twelve bed dorm room, where I was the only person still in bed at 8am.  Up and at ’em, I suppose.  At Lucky Lake, most people were up by ten, but only because breakfast was awesome.  Seriously, make your own pancakes?!  Even the ducks woke up for breakfast, arriving at the outdoor kitchen at exactly 9am.

The days passed smoothly at Lucky Lake, each starting with breakfast music that ranged from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, goa trance to house, classic rock, hip hop… all depending on the mood of the person in charge of the music.  My personal fave, Led Zeppelin.  Great way to start the day.
After breakfast, there were a whole host of activities to occupy your time.  You could lay in a hammock, or chill in the lucky lounge, or sprawl out in the tiniest little cinema ever and watch a film.  If you were feeling active you could walk to the beach at the nearby lake, or perhaps bike to the nearest village.  The possibilities were endless really.

Needless to say, I spent every sunny day in the hammock, and the rainy ones in the cinema.

At night it was time to head back to the kitchen to make some dinner, or perhaps but dinner from the fabulously talented and kind staff.  And relax while eating in the most beautiful kitchen.  After a long hard day of laying in a hammock, a nice relaxing meal at the end of the night was just what the doctor ordered.  Well, what the doctor would order if he weren’t at all concerned with eating a healthy diet or exercise.

Seriously, why would anyone want to leave?


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