Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands

I recently had the opportunity to go to Keukenhof Garden, one of the largest flower gardens in the world.  It is only open for a few weeks a year, during tulip season in the Netherlands. It was absolutely gorgeous, and a really exciting day for someone that likes to take pictures of flowers as much as I do.

The majority of the park showcased beds of segregated tulips.  Each flower bed had one type of tulip, and the next, a different type. Sometimes, however, one bulb snuck into the wrong bed.

This was all well and good, but I think the few beds with mixed flowers were much more interesting.

I had a good time walking around taking pictures, but was struck by a few things.

1. They didn’t smell. While it smelled fresh outside, it didn’t have the wonderful fresh flower smell that I was expecting.
2. It is hard to take pictures of flowers on a windy day.
3. Also difficult to take pictures with flowers where you don’t look like a silly crouchy ball.
4. About a million tulips, and my favorite flower was still the daffodil.


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